This is the first Sunday of Advent and today in our Advent candle lighting we lit the candle of hope. You see the season of Advent has two functions. Its…

Reclaiming Glory

November 17, 2019
We will be in and out of the Gospel of John through the rest of this year as we go through the seasons of Thanksgiving and Advent. But today I…

The Cause of Motion

October 27, 2019
So what is the Cause of Motion? The human tendency is to think that the cause of motion is the 5 cylinder drive that revs from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. The Bible says the human drives causes only the engines to spin. The forward motion your vehicle has is when God has the clutch engaged. The cause of motion at the most fundamental level is God taking the work that you do and the intensions of your heart and establishing it and giving it success. And God can do more than just engage the clutch. Even if your engine misfires or if you are running out of fuel God can take all your effort and everything in your environment and establish it for your good. And God also says when you work to help God with his plans for the world then he will take care of all your needs.
when verse 12 says, the Holy Spirit will continue the revelation of who God is to us, we have to understand it carefully because this verse can be greatly misused. So when we are getting a new revelation of who God is from the Holy Spirit, it does not mean that we get a revelation that can be in any way be different or contradict what is already revealed in Scripture. You see Scripture already tells us everything the world knows about the Father and the Son. So because Jesus Christ has explained this extremely tight coupling within the Trinity, and focus on glorification of the other, if we get any revelation from the Holy Spirit, to test that it is actually from the Holy Spirit, it should pass the Son test.