Online Worship Service

In light of the National Emergency we are facing regarding the coronavirus and the directive from the authorities to implement social distancing, churches across the country are closing their worship services and gatherings. Social distancing is the best tool we have especially when we do not have an accurate picture at this time of who is infected. Therefore at this time the Argentine Mennonite Church is suspending our physical gatherings till we have further guidance from the authorities.
However we do not have to be hampered by the circumstances but look for what God might be doing. Remember His ways are always higher than our ways. If He has the hairs on our head numbered then we know that this situation is something God is very much in control of. Not only that, God wants to accomplish whatever He wants to accomplish even in this situation through His disciples, you and me.


Given our present need to refrain from gathering in groups we will be having our worship services via ZOOM. 

To join online 

1. Click on the church calendar. Download ZOOM

2. Link to join the Sunday Online Service is available. Click on the link to join the service.

3. Be online by 10:45 AM to test the connection for our service which will start at 11 AM Sunday morning.

4. Please note that it is better to test your connection earlier even on Saturday to ensure it works smoothly.