This blog will cover a wide range of topics

seen through the lens of faith, Scripture

and Jesus Christ. Sometimes it will address

the issues of the day, sometimes it will work

to connect dots that don’t seem to connect

and sometimes it will simply take a stroll with

the reader to a contemplation of mysteries

too beautiful to behold. 

Being Christ in a Crisis

Being Christ in a Crisis

We are living in a very different kind of world right now. Traffic jams have disappeared across the world, while New York, London and Mumbai look more like ghost towns. The entire country of India with 1.3 billion people just started a 21 day lockdown, the most...

Dead Or Alive?

Dead Or Alive?

A month ago the US was chugging along blissfully even as China was reeling. Then the first person was diagnosed stateside on Jan 21st with the Covid-19 infection. At that point only the experts who work with infectious diseases for a living were raising the alarm. The...